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AMST Special Projects - May/June 2008 Report - MST Office Announcements — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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AMST Special Projects - May/June 2008 Report [Jun. 24th, 2008|01:04 pm]
Camarilla Settings Office
MST Office:AMST Report for (GL-000-A White Wolf)
Submitted by (US2005075694)
On Today and due 6/25/2008
Status is 'In Progress'
Note: You are seeing FULL PRIVATE details

1) Executive Summary
2) Staff
3) Projects
4) Other Activity
5) Questions and Concerns

Executive Summary
Transition - A new MST, so large portion of this focus has been gathering information together on ongoing projects to present to Michelle.

PL Education - Aine is leaving the head of this project so she can have the time to devote to being UK's new ANST for Awakening. The scope of this project will be revisited with the new MST to see about how to most appropriately allocate PLs to organize and bring forth educational documents for STs and members.

MST Wiki - We'd like to set up a whiteboard-like area where we can more easily keep track of Plot progression, NPC usage notes, etc. We have the space, need to look at the permissions.

ST Access straightened out, Orgs and Venues next - I believe all outstanding ST access issues have been resolved, sent out mail asking if any were left. Next mission is to clean up and document the Organizations list to make sure everyone's on the same page with how to use them, and ST access is current.

NDA/List Access Audits - Maintaining the spreadsheet about who is on what of our office lists, and valiadating that folks have current NDAs on file.

PL Chronicle History - Only heard back from Kylee (Requiem). This project will be re-evaluated after Origins.

Special Projects: Tammie Philpott
Member #: US2005075694
Expiration: April 4, 2010
Ordeals: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, Prestige, WoD, Requiem, Awakening
Contact: amst.admin@gmail.com

PL Education: Aine MacLennon
Member #: UK03085103
Expiration: not in CRD
Ordeals: not in CRD
Contact: amst.pl.education@gmail.com

Project Name: Restoring Approval Db Functionality
Project Status: Ongoing, as needed
Project Lead: Tammie Philpott

Project Description:
Making the Approvals Db workable once again.

Project Summary:
Basically we're down to the occasional blip of someone not having Access or a new browser version having funky behavior. The big long list of known issues and mantis tix # was in last months' report.

Issues and Risks:
Known issues are still known, but workarounds exist for most of them.

Project Name: Approvals DB Documentation/Cleanup
Project Status: New ST Access complete, ST Access/Org audit next month
Project Lead: Tammie Philpott

Project Description:
How to Use the Approvals Db document or Help files in the App Db itself.

Project Summary:
Working on one section at a time.

Issues and Risks:
It's a dirty job, and someone's insane enough to volunteer to do it...

Project Name: MST Office Prestige
Project Status: Complete
Project Lead: Tammie Philpott

Project Description:
I compiled Prestige missing from the USNC site from August 2007 through April 08. The prestige for June 08 will be added onto the spreadsheet before I send it to the ACD Prestige team.

Project Summary:
The MST Office Prestige missing since August 07 is in the final stages of processing. It's left the ACD Chief of Staff's desk and is now in the ACD Prestige's hands to record/modify and send to the USNC for posting on the website. Inquiry on a timeline on completion got no response, but hopefully will hear within the week after Origins. :/

Issues and Risks:
Out of our hands right now.

Project Name: MST Lists
Project Status: Ongoing, as needed
Project Lead: Tammie Philpott

Project Description:
Auditing the MST Lists to make sure the folks who should have access, do.

Project Summary:
This project is supported by two spreadsheets. These files will be stored on the MST Team list.
1) NST Teams - Date of NDA approval, Date of NDA Expiration, Name, Cam#, Email, Position
2) MST List Access - One tab for each list. Date of NDA approval, Name, Cam#, Email, Position for each list member. The addendum-beta, project-lead, and SettingsReview lists do not require the NDA columns.

The audit process will ensure that there is consistent and accurate A/NST access to our lists.

NDAs expire. We will be working with the Club Directors office to work out a schedule for an NDA Audit. Added a column for expiration date onto the Mail List Access spreadsheet.

This google document is shared with the MST and the AMST Archivist.

Mail lists have been created for for the Auction Item Seat on Book Sanctioning discusion winners. Waiting on NDAs to be returned and verified by the CD office before we can get this going.

Issues and Risks:
Need to add charcerts and metaplot lists to this document.

Project Name: Charity Item Tracking
Project Status: Molasses
Project Lead: Tammie Philpott

Project Description:
Create Approvals for MST Office Charity Items, track the buyer information and how much money they raised.

Project Summary:

CAiNE 08 - 4 items - $595 raised for charity
USCC 08 - 15 items - $1810 raised for charity

Issues and Risks:
It took me 45 minutes to put one approval in as new and approve it up to Pending Global. Everything's done, just needs the Approval numbers for tracking, and this is going sloooowly due to App Db issues.

Project Name: MST Web Update
Project Status: On Hold
Project Lead: Tammie Philpott

Project Description:
Reorganizing the MST Web area

Project Summary:

With the transition and Origins and getting everything else accounted for, no time for this this month.

I have a lot of High Status/Fame/Business/etc. response - Thanks! I'm very sorry that I haven't gone through these yet.

I received some great data from the Affiliates for their page, but USCC and DB issues derailed those updates - I do apologize!

Issues and Risks:
Joomla is restrictive and organized oddly, IMHO. But we're going to see if we can achieve what we want while remaining within its framework, since so many things have been built around it.

Project Name: Custom Mechanics Compilation
Project Status: Stalled, Ready to begin
Project Lead: Tammie Philpott

Project Description:
Compiling approved custom mechanics and compiling it into a list for the Web page.

Project Summary:
We will be allowing a 6 month delay after a custom something gets approved before it gets published on the list. Each item will be broken down into requirements, test pools, and mechanics.

Potential custom mechanics apps have been pulled and are in the Venue AMST hands to sort through and trim off those that aren't custom.

Total Entries:
64 entries for Awakening - POC Tim Edwards
28 entries for Forsaken - POC Jim Fisher
1 entry for Created - POC Patrick Mason
425 entries for Requiem - POC Jon Noble

Issues and Risks:
Lots of apps. These files were so huge, I had to split them up into about 5 files in order to upload them. :/

Other Activity
Office Hours -
Getting new channels registered and folks set up as ops.

As the AMST Rules is nearing the final stages of FAQ readiness, and has started to release some of it to the cam-rules-answers list, Steve Zelazny and I are putting heads together to find a coding solution that works best for organization, maintenance, and search capacity on the Joomla system.

Questions and Concerns
I think all issues are handled, have solutions, or are in the process of attaining such.

Prestige Listing

For Member Date Category Reason for award Notes G R N
(Aine MacLennan) 2008-6-24 Administration PL Education Outgoing. Thank you for your work and good luck in new position! 0 0 20