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AMST Report, AMST: Dark Places on the Map [Jun. 25th, 2008|06:23 am]
Camarilla Settings Office


Executive Summary
DPotM website:

This month we bid farewell to Jen Seggev our previous AAMST Awakening. The process of finding her replacement has just concluded. The new AAMST DPotM Awakening is Derek Burrow.

All requests for DPotM in regards to the Lost and Awakening venue now go to Derek Burrow at dpotm.awakening@gmail.com

Activity via proxy request continues to be steady. A general outline is provided below of significant proxies. This is something I intend to keep as part of my reports in the future.

St. Petersburg – A group is setting up a training camp in this location.

Russia – Now a few months into a few Kindred pushing their way into the borders between Mongolia and Russia.

Egypt – There are two PC groups proxied currently.

Robin is the PoC for the Khaibit group.

I am the PoC for the other.

Africa – There are a group of Gangrel looking for evidence of the death Exodus and Raven Celestine. Robin is the PoC.

The Dead Sea – Proxy completed.

Rouen – Proxy updated.

AMST DPotM: Andrew J Trujillo
Member #: US2002076343
Expiration: 04/2009
Ordeals: Test of Membership, Test of the Storyteller, Test of the Coordinator, World of Darkness Venue Ordeal
Contact: requiemdpotm@gmail.com

AAMST: Awakening DPotM – Derek Burrow
Member #: CA200308013
Expiration: 05/2009
Ordeals: None.
Contact: dpotm.awakening@gmail.com

PL: DpotM Wiki – Rachel Judd
Member #: US2006027424
Expiration: August 27, 2008
Ordeals: Test of Membership, Test of the Coordinator, Venue Ordeal: WoD, Test of the Storyteller, Venue Ordeal: Requiem, Venue Ordeal: Awakening, and Prestige Ordeal.
Contact: dpotm.wiki@gmail.com

Project Name: Dark Places site for convention use

Project Status: Magenta – Waiting for feedback (still) also getting files together.

Project Lead: Andrew J Trujillo

Project Description: The creation of a city or group of cities in a Dark Place for use in non-Cam conventions. May also see use in IRC games, proxies, etc. A pre-determined location will allow these unusual situations to participate in the Global chronicle, without awkward explanations concerning the presence and/or absence of assorted supernatural creatures.

South Africa is right out. Nairobi is in!!!

Project Summary: Baby steps.

Issues and Risks: Still waiting for feedback.
Project Name: Dark Places on the Map Wiki

Project Status: Lots Left to Do
Project Lead: Rachel Judd, US2006027424

Project Description: The Dark Places on the Map Wiki was created to give players a way to quickly learn about who and what has happened in the Dark Places, as well as provide inspiration for players who want to have a character involved with a Dark Place.

Project Summary: I made whole pages for the following cities: Blagoveshchenk, Alexandria, Tangier, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Northern Ireland, the Sudan and Orleans. Istanbul also needed some of the player-added content edited for grammar and ease of reading. I created a template to be used for South American cities. I also discovered that the page for Cuba was in need of a serious overhaul - the graphics were too large, the information on the page needed to be re-organized according to the templates I devised, and a great deal of content needed to be edited for style, grammar and spelling. I also edited the page for Africa as a whole - I thought it was far too cluttered with links to Wikipedia, and I added a brief historical blurb about each region to give players ideas about designing characters from the region. Southern Africa, Middle Africa, Northern Africa and Western Africa were edited in this respect.

My goal for the next month is to have the majority of the wiki ready for far more player-created content to be added by the time the next report is due.

Significant Changes: None to report, other than adding significant content to the pages listed above.