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AMST Rules Report June 08 - MST Office Announcements — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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AMST Rules Report June 08 [Jun. 28th, 2008|10:04 pm]
Camarilla Settings Office
1) Executive Summary
2) Staff
3) Projects
4) Other Activity
5) Questions and Concerns

Executive Summary
1) Finalized discussions to release the next Addendum. It should be out in the next day or so. It will include some revisions to previous materials as well as several new books.

2) Worked with Lesley Packel to create a Token Creation Guide to give guidelines on creating tokens and possibly lower their approval level from Global. This project has progressed much faster that I originally expected. It will still take several layers of review and revision, but a much more formalized proposal is now in the works.

3) Finally answered all the backlogged questions on Cam-Rules-Answers. This are being formatted to send to last of them to the NSTs for review. Many new questions remain, but those left over when I took office, and several new ones, are ready for review.

4) Created several options for formats of the revised FAQ, sending these out to reviewers to see which format is best fit so that we can put the remaining questions into those forms.

5) Continued release of the approved FAQ answers in what should be a weekly release of clarifications on the Cam-Rules-Answers list. It has gotten great reviews, though there have been some issues. So a few questions have been sent back to the ST staffs for further review.

6) Continued discussion on how to incorporate Changing Breeds into the Camarilla Chronicle. This might take a while.

7) Continuing to discuss both Banishers and Grimore of Grimores to put them into a proper format for sanctioning.

8) Working with the Changeling STs on releasing clarifications on Iron, which should be incorporated into the FAQ.

PL Cam-Rules-Answers: Chris Smith
Member #: US2002021171
Expiration: April 01, 2009
Ordeals: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, WoD, Requiem, Prestige
Contact: rulespeon@gmail.com

Project Name: Cam-Rules-Answers
Project Status: Near Completion
Project Lead: Chris Smith

Project Description: To answer the backlog questions on Cam-Rules-Answers and rework the FAQ into a more useful resource.

Project Summary: Together Chris and I have answered all the pending questions in all venues except for Requiem.

Issues and Risks:

[owner - Justin Gaskins] Developing a proper format that it searchable, easily updatable, and organized for ease to the membership.

Project Name: Token Creation Guide
Project Status: Very Early Stages
Project Lead: n/a

Project Description: Create a token creation guide for the Lost venue to allow custom tokens at an approval level less than Global.

Project Summary: Began compiling all the information from the previous Custom Token applications, the Treasure Creation Guide from Changeling: the Dreaming, the tokens in Rites of Spring and Changeling: the Lost, as well as the Fetish creation guide in Lore of the Forsaken.

Issues and Risks:

[owner - Justin Gaskins] THe biggest issue is how to make concrete guidelines for things that really shouldn't be concrete. The biggest issue is finding a feasible method to make Catches and Drawbacks that are appropriate for the various Token levels.