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AMST Chief of Staff report [Aug. 29th, 2008|03:01 pm]
Camarilla Settings Office


MST Office:AMST Report for (GL-000-A White Wolf) Submitted by (UK0210-2071) On 2008-08-28 19:03:45 and due 2008-08-25 Status is Entered

====Executive Summary====

This has been a busy month, with a lot of new initiatives starting to come online, the results of which will be seen more widely in the not too distant future. I continue to be enthused by the "can do" attitude of Michelle and the AMST staff, and feel that we're moving the chronicle in a very positive direction.

A major project has been the coordination with ICC and the development of a number of major plot/story strands in Requiem that will both influence that event and progress from it. ICC will be shaped to some extent by background events that will have a future impact on the global chronicle, and equally parts of ICC will be acting as starting points and catalysts for other global storylines. Both David and Leanne have been really positive in working closely with Global on this, and I'm very keen to see the results.

After a quieter month in terms of web development stuff, I've made some further inroads into a revamped Camarilla MST/Global site. I expect in the next couple of weeks to have a skeleton version that global staff will be able to play around with (...and break!) and come back with feedback for a more solid development that can go "live" to the membership. That includes looking once more at the addendum and trying to make what is a tough document to simplify as accessible as we possibly can, developing a genuine library of resources and tools for STs and players, so that the site can become more central to everyone.

A large part of that toolbox is going to be the publication of all currently approved custom mechanics. I know this is something that a lot of people have requested, and it's not something we've ignored, but I hope that we can ask for patience in getting this all completed, because there's a lot of custom stuff out there! The intention here is both to provide STs with a solid knowledge of custom stuff, but also players who are looking into developing custom powers to have a point of reference and (hopefully) the opportunity to choose a power that mirrors what they're looking for without necessarily having to write one from scratch.

I'm grateful to players for their response to my Requiem-OOC request for "write a plotkit for someone else". I'll reiterate that here, because it's ongoing as far as I'm concerned. I'm calling for players to write a plotkit with an international scope for a Clan or Covenant that they don't play a character in. For every plotkit that's submitted (that's draft plotkit, not just plot idea) I'll recommend 5G prestige (max three submissions per person). I'll recommend a further 20N prestige to the writer of a plotkit that we subsequently take up and put into play.

On a wider level I'd like to encourage players to make similar contributions in all venues. That request was for Requiem as I'm AMST for that venue, but all venues can benefit from the massive creativity of our player base. If you have ideas or plots, then let the relevant AMSTs know!

[User Picture]From: nikoliborsh
2008-08-29 03:35 pm (UTC)
Once again thanks for the update.

Its informative and also lets us see that stuff is actually being done.

Nick Lambourn
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