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AMST Chief of Staff report - September 2008 - MST Office Announcements — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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AMST Chief of Staff report - September 2008 [Sep. 26th, 2008|12:49 am]
Camarilla Settings Office


MST Office:AMST Report for (GL-000-A White Wolf) Submitted by (UK0210-2071) On 2008-09-25 19:17:30 and due 2008-09-25 Status is Entered

====Executive Summary====

A bit of a hectic month IRL for me, so first off I'd like to apologise to anyone who's awaiting responses on me for any queries, or who had to wait longer than they should have. I expect to be fully caught up on that completely by the end of the month.

Coordination with ICC and the development of plot/story continues, and the communication between myself and Leanne from a Requiem point of view has been excellent. I'm very enthusiastic about ICC both as a global storyteller and a player.

Web development stuff for an updated MST/Global site is lagging a couple of weeks behind what I'd hoped. Still moving forward though. The skeleton test version I expect to be up and running for global staff to test out by the start of October. The aim is to have a development site that can go "live" to membership sometime in November, and certainly by the end of the year.

However, one major part of the toolbox/resources for that website is basically complete. And it was a major task! You should expect to be able to see on the current MST site in the very near future (i.e. the next few days) *all* custom devotions and custom bloodlines in Requiem, plus other venue AMSTs are close to completing the publication of custom mechanics also. The intention here is to provide STs with a knowledge of custom stuff that's accessible, and for players to be able to have a point of reference on custom powers. There are well over 300 custom devotions, and frankly most "new" powers we see these days have potential equivalents and existing mechanics that can be used instead.

We've also revisited the addendum and restructured it. I think it's far more user-friendly now and I hope you agree. I'd like to thank Jess Orsini and her addendum restructure team, Justin for his continued work on the addendum, and the beta-readers.

Thank you once more for the response to the Requiem-OOC request for "write a plotkit for someone else". I'm collating all of those replies and suggestions and making decisions on what we're going to implement.

Looking forward once again to ICC, and catching up with old friends as well as making new. There'll be a global q&a at the event, but I'm also happy to try and make time throughout the convention if you have a query or an idea to run past me (a beer often helps me find an extra ten minutes!). Look forward to seeing you there.

[User Picture]From: nikoliborsh
2008-09-26 09:48 am (UTC)
Just out of interest Robin will there be a response soon regarding the plot you wanted people to submit for. The "we will be lucky if we do not die" thing.

Just out of idle curiosity and see you at the Southern Regional if you are going.

Nick Lambourn
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