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Workaround for adding new Domains/Chapters to the App Db [Jun. 14th, 2008|10:54 am]
Camarilla Settings Office
There's an error in the App DB Org List that won't allow anyone to add a new Org (Domain/Chapter/etc) into the App Db.

I am, however, elated to announce that I can add them manually into the system!

Please, please, please, if there's a Domain/Chapter/etc. that needs to be added, email me (amst.admin@gmail.com) that information and I will get it processed within 24 hours.

I'm incredibly and utterly sorry for the inconveniences this has caused. :(

Tammie Philpott
AMST Special Projects
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Missing NST-level Approval Db Questions [Jun. 2nd, 2008|12:33 am]
Camarilla Settings Office
We're very sorry for the inconvenience, but Global Tech is aware of and is currently working on this App Db issue (along with the others mentioned in the last AMST Spec Projects report - so please be patient with them! :))

The Approval Db Universal questions can be found on the MST Website, under the Resources link -


Please pass this information on to your Affiliates, Regions, Domains, Chapters, etc. since this is the second time folks have requested the questions on General-OOC. Let's help point each other in the right direction! :)

This link and questions are also posted to General-OOC.

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<feel [...] below!>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

We're very sorry for the inconvenience, but Global Tech is aware of and is currently working on this App Db issue (along with the others mentioned in the last AMST Spec Projects report - so please be patient with them! :))

The Approval Db Universal questions can be found on the MST Website, under the Resources link -


Please pass this information on to your Affiliates, Regions, Domains, Chapters, etc. since this is the second time folks have requested the questions on General-OOC. Let's help point each other in the right direction! :)

This link and questions are also posted to General-OOC.

<feel free="free" to="to" copy/paste="copy/paste" below!="below!">

**What specifically are you applying for?

Overall Statement:
Please state your agreement to the following statement:
"I agree that the ability to play this character concept and its related approval items is a privilege and not a right.
- I understand that a Storyteller with jurisdiction over this character may revoke the ability to play this character, in whole or in part, if I misuse this privilege.
- I also understand that I may be denied the approval of this item on the basis of game balance, overabundance, or unsuitability for the game at any level.
- I agree to conduct myself in an ethical manner, and to portray this approval responsibly, and understand that failure to do either is sufficient cause for denial or revocation of this item or character.
- I have the right to ask for and receive the reasons for denial or revocation."

CHARACTER QUESTIONS (To be answered for all applications)

**What are your character's reason(s) to continue existing? What most motivates your character to interact with other characters? What fears, joys, or other emotions drive him or her? What are his or her goals? What is your character willing to die for?

**How does your character interact with the mundane world? (If your character possesses any supernatural qualities, please describe how he or she avoids undue attention from ordinary people.)

**What faction/group does your character most feels a part of (Clan, Covenant, Bloodline, Lineage, Coterie, etc., or venue equivalent)? Why that group? How does your PC interact with that group? How does his relationship to the group affect his/her dealings with other groups he/she is a part of? (For example, if lineage is most important, how does this impact his/her views of clan and covenant?)

**How does your character help to reinforce paradigm? Does your character deviate from paradigm? If so, how does this deviation add to the global chronicle?

OVERALL QUESTIONS (To be answered for all applications)

**Outline the nature of the group you are applying for as presented in canon (ie, if you are applying for an age app, how does canon present characters of that age? If a bloodline, how is the bloodline depicted in canon)

**Is there any way to accomplish what you are seeking at a lower approval level? If so, why pursue this approval over the other option(s)?

**How will your character having this approval further the themes of the venue and make the game more enjoyable for others?

**How could this item be detrimental to the game? How do you intend to prevent that?

**Define the word "responsibility" in regards to how you view roleplaying, and describe how you will display this responsibility as a player while portraying this character.

CHARACTER QUESTIONS (To be answered for applications related to character type approvals, such as NPC links, Age, Bloodlines, Legacies, etc.):

**What draws you to this concept in particular? Please discuss the themes and moods that you wish to explore with this character, as well as what you believe his or her story to be.

**How has your character acquired something of this level of rarity? (IE, for bloodlines, who avused your character? For age, how has your character stayed along so much longer than most characters? etc.) How has/will having it alter his outlook on those who don't have it? What gives him/her the greatest sense of joy and regret regarding this approval?

ITEM QUESTIONS (To be answered for applications related to items, such as physical objects, Fetishes, Imbued Items, etc.):

**Does this character have any other special approval items? If so, please list the item, app #, approval level, and total point cost.

**Do you currently have any other approval-level items for other characters? If so, please list the character, item, app #, approval level, and total point cost of the item.

**How is your character gaining this item? Include any citations from canon, precedent, correspondence or approvals/numbers (including page numbers) detailing how your character acquires it

**Why does your character want this item, if applicable? If your character does not want this item, please explain why he or she is accepting, developing, or otherwise acquiring it.

**Why do you OOCly want this item for your character? Please be honest and as comprehensive as possible with your response.

**Is your character or are you as a player planning on teaching, spreading or otherwise expanding this item into national chronicle? Why, or why not? If they are, how do they plan to expand it into greater circulation, and how will they present sharing it with others? What prerequisites will you set?

**How would your character react if this item is lost, stolen, destroyed, etc.? If the reaction is overly strongly negative, how will you handle this in an OOCly responsible manner?

**Custom items should be less powerful than items from canon. Please name any canonical items with similar effects, and note how this item is more limited than those precedents.

**Outline the steps your character has taken to acquire this item.

Dawn Lloyd

Tammie Philpott
AMST Special Projects
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MST Office Hours Log posted [May. 30th, 2008|11:13 pm]
Camarilla Settings Office
For your reading pleasure -


or, off the "Resource Links" on the MST Page.

Thank you to everyone who could make it. We look forward to hearing from you next month! :D

Tammie Philpott
AMST Special Projects
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AMST Special Projects - May/June 2008 Report [May. 29th, 2008|03:24 am]
Camarilla Settings Office
MST Office:AMST Report for (GL Great Lakes Region)
Submitted by (US2005075694)
On Today and due 5/25/2008
Status is 'In Progress'
Note: You are seeing FULL PRIVATE details

1) Executive Summary
2) Staff
3) Projects
4) Other Activity
5) Questions and Concerns

Executive Summary
This past month has been dominated by USCC, hunting down MST Office prestige since August 2007 that doesn't appear to have been reported, completing the Global ST list access audits, and the continuing saga of helping folks gain access to the CRD/Approvals DB. We're over the hill and the light of the oncoming train is visible at the end of the tunnel.

Next month will focus on wrangling inconsistent data and producing a clear, comprehensive listing of custom mechanics, and working with Justin and Steve to get the FAQs on the MST Website in an easily searchable format.

I had a lot of stuff to do, with USCC, family holidays, and Office Hours thrown into the mix. My report is horridly late. :(

Special Projects: Tammie Philpott
Member #: US2005075694
Expiration: April 4, 2010
Ordeals: Membership, Coordinator, Storyteller, Prestige, WoD, Requiem, Awakening
Contact: amst.admin@gmail.com

PL Education: Aine MacLennon
Member #: UK03085103
Expiration: not in CRD
Ordeals: not in CRD
Contact: amst.pl.education@gmail.com

Project Name: Restoring Approval Db Functionality
Project Status: One (Huge) Known Issue remaining
Project Lead: Tammie Philpott

Project Description:
Making the Approvals Db workable once again.

Project Summary:
We got most of the STs back on track, and have distributed instructions and workarounds for some basic tasks - http://community.livejournal.com/settings_office/45036.html

3k users were disassociated in the database, and that is the remaining task that's blocking STs from getting access. Most of these were due to badly formed Cam #'s, or Cam #'s that were being stored in a different format than on the other server (and a collective groan is heard from all the IT folks). This will take time to finish working through these. STs unable to access CRD/App Db have gotten top priority.

Working with Global Tech to get a hard timeline and business plan down for the resolution of these outstanding items.

Outstanding Approval DB Issues:
1. When you Add Application, the NST-level questions that automatically appear in the Justification section are missing. Related to this, the NST and MST is no longer visible in the upper right corner of the Approval. This just started happening a week ago.
Mantis issue# 2288

2. The Approvals DB times out after the Approval button is pressed, or Enter New Application. Not sure how many other buttons that update the Approval's Status are also timing out.
Mantis issue# 2289

3. The Db no longer logs changes to apps by putting a note every time the justification/background/mechanics were edited.
Mantis issue# 2290

4. When you Added a Comment to an Approval, you used to be able to Vote on it, values from 1-5. The voting feature is no longer there.
Mantis issue# 2291

5. We can't add a new Organization to the Database using the Webpage. We get the error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: hasduplicate() in /Library/WebServer/Documents/approvals/ModifyOrgListAddOrg.php on line 22
Mantis issue# 2292

6. Domains/Chapters/Regions (Orgs) are not listed in heirarchal order In the Affiliation dropdown menu in the Application Listing page. By contrast. the Orgs in the "Member Of" dropdown box in the General->Profile page are listed in order.
Mantis issue# 2293

7. When editing a VSS, the list of potential Storytellers should be determined by the PCs listed on that VSS not all possible members the person who happens to be logged in has under their purview. For example, a person with High-level access to a GIR VSS can't find two players from other Domains who have PCs on those VSSes. If I look at it, with my global access, I see a ton of people who could potentially be Storyteller for that VSS. This is a problem also because the first person in this example will reset the Storyteller for that VSS. I set the name of the VSS's ST, when the other person goes in, the ST resets to someone else that they have permission to see. And yes, this actually changes the ST listing if the person doesn't hit Back to get off that page. :/
Mantis issue# 2294

8. Sometimes, approvals aren't visible from the Application Listing page, and the ST has to go into the Character Census or VSS listing, click on the PC's link to bring up their sheet, and scroll down to click on the Pending Approval there. We had several reports of this, will take a bit of digging to find details. #USA-SW-LA-0803-88193, approval on NPC Alcatraz Warden (http://camarilla.white-wolf.com/approvals/DisplayCharacter.php?char_id=33637&)
Mantis issue# 2295

9. Move the Menu options back up to the top. Right now, they are on the left hand side and sometimes, particularly after getting query results back, the left hand menu items will move out from the margin and overlay the query results. This makes it highly difficult to read the result data, update sql queries, and highlight result text to copy/paste.
Mantis issue# 2296

10. Multiple ST assignements in a User's Profile will sometimes negate each other, and a smaller area purview ST level will override the wider area purview. Sometimes you can delete access and re-add them in certain orders to get it to work. And sometimes nothing works and you wind up with a DST and RST that can only see things at the Domain level. If this can't be fixed, can we put a warning message in the User Profiles so that people who are editing ST access know to delete the smaller area assignments.
Mantis issue# 2297

11. The "approval required" menu doesn't always work for Unconstrained. It will frequently return No Apps instead of all levels of approval required. This can be fixed sometimes by looking at a different domain's apps, then switching back to where you were looking previously. Something is resident in the system that it blocks Unconstrained until the 2nd or 3rd time after it's selected.
Mantis issue# 2298

12. Currently VSSes in the App Db can only be assigned to Mid or Low level Orgs. The App DB will let a user assign it to Top or High, but instead of an error, it creates an Orphan VSS that only STs with Global access can modify.
Mantis issue #2307

Things we'd like to have implemented:

1. MST able to leave text in the Storyteller Instructions area. We had to log in as NSTs for each Affiliate in order to put in questions we wanted to see on all New Apps.
Mantis issue# 2299

2. Add Global as a Constraint level on Application Comments
Mantis issue# 2300

3. When saving an Application Comment at a level higher than Unconstrained, have a warning message/window come up, like "Your comment has been submitted and will only be read by TOP LEVEL STs."
Mantis issue# 2301

4. Allow assistant STs to be assigned to a VSS. If a domain has members who play on other VSSes, setting up an assistant to be able to do all Werewolf Venue for a domain will give them access to all Werewolf PCs that members of the domain have, even if they are not on the VSS. Right now, only one ST can be assigned to a VSS, but sometimes folks need their assistants to help them with the Db.
Mantis issue# 2302

5. Allow multiple options to be selected in the Application Listing categories. For example, if someone wants to look at Pending Global and Pending Regional apps, apps in multiple VSSes, etc.
Mantis issue# 2303

6. Add specific dropdown values for Character Subtype when adding a Character. This will allow us to more easily see how many of a specific clan, order, etc. There may need to be an additional box added for the secondary subclass - cov/tribe/etc.
Mantis issue# 2304

7. Set a separate option whereby someone can be set to view apps, but not
have any actual ST authority (so NSTs can be set to see all apps, but
can't actually approve/deny/comment, etc. on them)
Mantis issue# 2305

8. Make it so you can search for apps by body text as well, instead of
just item name/user.
Mantis issue# 2306

Issues and Risks:
The Approvals Db gives me a sad in more ways than can be adequately expressed in this report.

Project Name: Approvals DB Documentation/Cleanup
Project Status: Cleanup Nearly Complete / Documentation Stalled
Project Lead: Tammie Philpott

Project Description:
How to Use the Approvals Db document or Help files in the App Db itself.

Project Summary:
Create documentation to reduce the amount of bad and erroneous data that is out there, causing frustration.

Just about all the old data I can reach is cleaned up. Not going to start on Documentation until the FAQ and Custom Mechanics projects are done.

Issues and Risks:
It's a dirty job, and someone's insane enough to volunteer to do it...

Project Name: MST Office Prestige
Project Status: Complete
Project Lead: Tammie Philpott

Project Description:
I compiled Prestige missing from the USNC site from August 2007 through April 08. The prestige for June 08 will be added onto the spreadsheet before I send it to the ACD Prestige team.

Project Summary:
Attempted to initiate a dialogue with ACD Chief of Staff about what format he wanted the Prestige in. Have defaulted to the format that the Prestige is stored in on the USNC page.

The AMST Settings will include all Prestige awarded by the Venue AMSTs in his report, as well as the Prestige he awards. The MST Report will include all the prestige in all the AMSTs' reports that go directly to her, plus that she awards. This keeps the prestige in one email file instead of forcing whatever poor soul is looking up prestige to hunt for multiple documents. I will copy the prestige into a Spreadsheet and send it to the ACD prestige team and establish a timeframe as to when we can expect our monthly submissions to be processed and posted.

Issues and Risks:
White Wolf logs users out after a certain amount of time. This can be counteracted for reports by writing it offline and pasting it into the CRS system. This can't be done for Prestige. I've recommdended to Dawn to put prestige in her report directly instead of using the CRS system. If the ACD office wants us to use it again, we can edit it back in alter.

Project Name: MST Lists
Project Status: Done
Project Lead: Tammie Philpott

Project Description:
Auditing the MST Lists to make sure the folks who should have access, do.

Project Summary:
This project is supported by two spreadsheets. These files will be stored on the MST Team list.
1) NST Teams - Date of NDA approval, Date of NDA Expiration, Name, Cam#, Email, Position
2) MST List Access - One tab for each list. Date of NDA approval, Name, Cam#, Email, Position for each list member. The addendum-beta, project-lead, and SettingsReview lists do not require the NDA columns.

The audit process will ensure that there is consistent and accurate A/NST access to our lists.

NDAs expire. We will be working with the Club Directors office to work out a schedule for an NDA Audit. Added a column for expiration date onto the Mail List Access spreadsheet.

This google document is shared with the MST and the AMST Archivist.

Mail lists have been created for for the Auction Item Seat on Book Sanctioning discusion winners. Waiting on NDAs to be returned and verified by the CD office before we can get this going.

Issues and Risks:
When NST Staff changes, NDAs are required so it shouldn't be an issue to keep up with staffing changes.

Project Name: Charity Item Tracking
Project Status: Molasses
Project Lead: Tammie Philpott

Project Description:
Create Approvals for MST Office Charity Items, track the buyer information and how much money they raised.

Project Summary:

CAiNE 08 - 4 items - $595 raised for charity
USCC 08 - 15 items - $1810 raised for charity

Issues and Risks:
It took me 45 minutes to put one approval in as new and approve it up to Pending Global. Everything's done, just needs the Approval numbers for tracking, and this is going sloooowly due to App Db issues.

Project Name: MST Web Update
Project Status: On Hold
Project Lead: Tammie Philpott

Project Description:
Reorganizing the MST Web area

Project Summary:

*points at Project Description*

I have a lot of High Status/Fame/Business/etc. response - Thanks! I'm very sorry that I haven't gone through these yet.

I received some great data from the Affiliates for their page, but USCC and DB issues derailed those updates - I do apologize!

Issues and Risks:
Joomla is restrictive and organized oddly, IMHO. But we're going to see if we can achieve what we want while remaining within its framework, since so many things have been built around it.

Project Name: Custom Mechanics Compilation
Project Status: Stalled, Ready to begin
Project Lead: Tammie Philpott

Project Description:
Compiling approved custom mechanics and compiling it into a list for the Web page.

Project Summary:
We will be allowing a 6 month delay after a custom something gets approved before it gets published on the list. Each item will be broken down into requirements, test pools, and mechanics.
The current plan is to work the Venues in order of size/newness:
1) Items for Australia GST Requiem
2) Promethean
3) Mage
4) Werewolf
5) Mortals
6) Requiem

Lost just started in Jan of this year, so it will not be included in the intial pass.

I'm forseeing that the coding/documentation structure will be similar to the FAQ since both items need to be organized across a wide range of topics, and will absolutely need to be searchable.

Issues and Risks:
The difficult and time-consuming part will be hunting down these apps in the database. I'm hoping that they'll all have keywords in there that aren't on non-custom apps. If it's not that consistent, it will take longer and don't be surprised if App DB Naming Conventions come from the MST office. :/ Hoping for the best, but expecting to be a sad monkey.

Other Activity
Tracking items on lists flagged for the next Addendum, and emailing them to Justin. With two sets of eyes, hopefully the occasional item won't slip through and be delayed until the following Addendum.

Tracking items on lists flagged as MST Policy to be put in a Web page document after the Red Flag issues are take care of.

Office Hours -
Maintaining monthly list of Global ST attendees so it can be included in the email announcements.

As the AMST Rules is nearing the final stages of FAQ readiness, and has started to release some of it to the cam-rules-answers list, Steve Zelazny and I are putting heads together to find a coding solution that works best for organization, maintenance, and search capacity on the Joomla system.

Questions and Concerns
I need App DB write access, and a hug - stat!
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MST Office:AMST Report, AMST Dark Places on the Map [May. 25th, 2008|12:00 pm]
Camarilla Settings Office

Executive Summary
DPotM website:

All request for DPotM in regards to the Lost venue now go to Jen Seggeve at dpotm.awakening@gmail.com

She will continue to handle Awakening request in addition to the Lost venue. All other venue request continue to go directly to me.

Working on defining evil things, like those antagonists, so that I can have a setup for when the wrong Dark Place is visited. Also it’s good to help establish settings. All that jazz. That work has been a little slow though with the whole new AMST in Requiem and USCC.

Work on the wiki is progressing. I still find that over half the people who approach me don’t even know it exist. If you have any suggestion on how to advertise I am all ears. Perhaps an announcement of some sorts would help.

Activity via proxy request continues to be steady. A general outline is provided below of significant proxies. This is something I intend to keep as part of my reports in the future.

St. Petersburg – A group is setting up a training camp in this location.

Russia – Now a few months into a few Kindred pushing their way into the borders between Mongolia and Russia.

Egypt – There are two PC groups proxied currently.

Robin is the PoC for the Khaibit group.

I am the PoC for the other.

Africa – There are a group of Gangrel looking for evidence of the death Exodus and Raven Celestine. Robin is the PoC.

AMST DPotM: Andrew J Trujillo
Member #: US2002076343
Expiration: 04/2009
Ordeals: Test of Membership, Test of the Storyteller, Test of the Coordinator, World of Darkness Venue Ordeal
Contact: requiemdpotm@gmail.com

AAMST: Awakening DPotM – Jen Seggev
Member #: US2002021735
Expiration: 03/2009
Ordeals: Test of Membership, Test of the Storyteller, Test of the Coordinator, World of Darkness Venue Ordeal, Requiem Venue Ordeal, Awakening Venue Ordeal, Prestige Ordeal.
Contact: dpotm.awakening@gmail.com

PL: DpotM Wiki – Rachel Judd
Member #: US2006027424
Expiration: August 27, 2008
Ordeals: Test of Membership, Test of the Coordinator, Venue Ordeal: WoD, Test of the Storyteller, Venue Ordeal: Requiem, Venue Ordeal: Awakening, and Prestige Ordeal.
Contact: dpotm.wiki@gmail.com

Project Name: Dark Places site for convention use

Project Status: Magenta – Waiting for feedback (still) also getting files together.

Project Lead: Andrew J Trujillo

Project Description: The creation of a city or group of cities in a Dark Place for use in non-Cam conventions. May also see use in IRC games, proxies, etc. A pre-determined location will allow these unusual situations to participate in the Global chronicle, without awkward explanations concerning the presence and/or absence of assorted supernatural creatures.

South Africa is right out. Nairobi is in!!!

Project Summary: Moving on to setting this up for pick by the next convention. As the previous convention has not provided feedback.

Issues and Risks: Still waiting for feedback.
Project Name: Dark Places on the Map Wiki

Project Status: Lots Left to Do
Project Lead: Rachel Judd, US2006027424

Project Description: The Dark Places on the Map Wiki was created to give players a way to quickly learn about who and what has happened in the Dark Places, as well as provide inspiration for players who want to have a character involved with a Dark Place.

Project Summary: This month was mostly spent creating pages for more cities on the wiki. I made the pages for the Congo and Masailand by player request. Unfortunately, the player who wanted the Congo had the relevant PC killed, but I'm working with the player who wanted Masailand to create something for his German colonist PC. I also edited the more popular European cities, applying the new template to them.

The most popular DPotM city is definitely Mexico City. I know it's going to be the IC location for the Gen Con game, and I'm waiting to hear back from David Bounds and Andrew about what kind of information they want to show up on the wiki for the game. I think it would be great to include a like to the Mexico City page when the game announcements for the Gen Con game go out.

I also wrote up a short article about the Dark Places wiki for the Southwest Regional Newsletter, so hopefully more players will start visiting the wiki and adding their PCs to the wiki.

The FAQ was also expanded and new questions were added as they were asked of me.

Significant Changes: None to report, other than editing currently existing cities. I expressed in the last report that I wanted to find a way to tag entries by venue. Since the wiki isn't extensive enough to be divided by venue (yet!) and adding a graphic would probably be too code-intensive, I think the best way for now is just to tag with a little letter in a bracket: [R] for Requiem, [L] for Lost, etc.

Issues and Risks:

None at the current time.

Other Activity
Looking into different ways to encourage player input for developments of areas.

Questions and Concerns

Andrew J. Trujillo
AMST: Dark Places on the Map
As far SOUTH WEST as it gets!!!
VST: Awakening Hawaii
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IT issues [May. 25th, 2008|03:47 pm]
Camarilla Settings Office

So...when reformatting the computer I concientiously back-up everything to an external hard drive. Which then breaks. Badly.

I'm currently trying to re-piece as much as I can together, and thankfully the amst.settings email account is gmail so that data is not lost. But I'd like to request a little patience if I'm responding slower than would be usual on AMST stuff as I try to repair my PC. :)


Robin Cannon
AMST CoS: Settings
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Day 14 in the life of the MST [May. 10th, 2008|08:24 pm]
Camarilla Settings Office

Between the usual weekend lull and USCC, today has been a record quiet day.  I have to admit, the quiet has been nice.  I enjoy doing MST stuff a good deal.  But it is a 7 days/week, 30-40 hr/week job, and as much as I enjoy doing it, sometimes it's nice to have a slow weekend too. 

This is day 14.  I wasn't sure how long I'd do this, but I think 2 weeks is a long enough run for now.  I may pick it up and do it for a week here or there again, but I'm going to drop it for now.

So, without further adieu, here's the exceedingly short list of today's activities.

-Follow-up on an international company [minor]
-Plotline query from a VST [minor, and I just passed her off to JoN]
-DPOM follow-up [minor]
-Went through the DB to make sure everything was being processed/discussed

Email tallies for May 9

Total emails received (excluding general membership lists): 29
Total emails received (excluding all mail lists):  27
Emails sent:  5
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Day 13 in the life of the MST [May. 9th, 2008|09:05 pm]
Camarilla Settings Office

USCC has resulted in things being incredibly quiet.  But, I'll pretend to do an update anyway. 

-Patrick wrote up a doc on morality/degeneration.  It's good.  [minor on my part, much larger on his]

**Members [all minor]
-Some DPOM details getting sorted
-Affiliate transfer stuff is being discussed
-Confirmed that an issue that came up as part of an app will be overseen by the local chain

Email tallies from May 8

Emails received (excluding general membership lists):  71
Emails received (excluding all mail lists):  48
Emails sent:  32
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Day 12 in the life of the MST [May. 9th, 2008|12:10 am]
Camarilla Settings Office

Things are definitely going quiet with everyone packing to go off to USCC.  But here's today's rundown.

**Dingir (ANSTs)
-Discussions continue [minor]

-Moving towards having an AMST in place
-Reviewed proposed storyline (like it) [minor]

**Forsaken (ANSTs)
-Fetish discussion [moderate]

**Lost (ANSTs)
-Canada posted their settings doc draft <thanks> [minor]

**Members (NST+)
-Pinged an affiliate to fix a char problem we noticed due to a global app [minor-moderate]
-A couple DPOM requests/proxies [minor]

-Approved/denied 5 apps, AMSTs addressing the rest
-Advised on a changeling app that wasn't at the global level (this was Lesley, not me) [minor-moderate]

Email tallies for May 7
Total emails received (excluding general membership lists): 108
Total emails received (excluding all mail lists):  56
Emails sent:  34
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Day 11 in the life of the MST [May. 8th, 2008|01:37 am]
Camarilla Settings Office

There are currently 4 messages in my inbox.  2 plotline related, 2.... well... sorta plotline related.  I'm going to go to bed when I finish this post.  I hate, despite, am compulsive about not, etc. leaving stuff in my inbox unreplied to (aside from the big stuff that requires lots of time/thought, of course) but this requires some thought and I don't have it to give right now.  So they'll get responses in the morning.

Things are wrapping up as a lot of the staff are doing last minute stuff before going to USCC.   That in no way means today was quiet, just that it's been somewhat focused on wrapping up and other issues.  And plotlines & Dingir.  Lots of discussion on both.

Now on to the update.... which I just realized is very very short.  Mostly it's been a lot of discussion on

**Dingir (ANSTs)
-Lots of discussion about implementation, timelines, etc.  [substantial]

**Lost (ANSTs)
-More discussions pulled from lost-ooc on the topic of pledges

**Cert writers
-Still breaking down who's spearheading which factions (mostly, "I'll do this" type discussions.)

Email tallies for May 6
Emails received (excluding general membership lists):  95
Email received (excluding all mail lists): 51
Emails sent: 58
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